Build Cheap Chicken Coops

Many families choose to install cheap chicken coops in their garden, looking particularly sympathetic, joyous presence of animals that evoke the charms of traditional life. Build adequate housing for chickens is usually a work of carpentry, but there is domestic poultry masonry.

The prototype of “recreational” coop garden shed is somewhat greater than that of a dog, for six or seven hens, which can be made pallet tables, and has a small poultry mesh. It is a very entertaining plan, available to any family members with a median experience, and having a helper at home.

How to Build Cheap Chicken Coops

One of our readers says her husband is raising enclosure 12 chickens, because it has a spacious garden. Here are under construction. We can observe the important detail of the floor, elevated above the ground, simple precaution that prevents moisture in the coop, something very harmful to the tenants.

cheap chicken coops

Impeccable coop she responds to the prototype we have mentioned. Her husband and she made ​​entirely using recycled boards from pallets and part of the left over in a nearby wooden house. The roof is also an extra piece to our reader brokered. The roof pitch properly poured water into the rear, avoiding puddles and splashing in the corral.

"When we're at home we open the side door to run free, but when we're not only come to the fenced area. The idea was to make the portable chicken coop and go moving on the ground for that added," says our reader.

Some Cheap Chicken Coops Stories

There is another story from our readers. She and her boyfriend found an idea online to make the nests. And as we see, chickens welcomed it very tasty.

One of our readers is a builder, and of course our reader has a chicken coop in his garden first class, with a rustic and beautiful stone wall. His testimony reveals the main reason to share the garden with these cute creatures: "At the moment my chickens lay eggs yet, so the main advantage to me is relaxation. Yes, yes, when I'm stressed I go to the playpen, I sit on the floor and I get to see and hear."

cheap chicken coops

Our other blog reader leaves us another nice story about cheap chicken coops: "I ​​have a chicken from a year ago and has been my dream as a little girl. It is a wooden hut that I built to place photo-voltaic solar panels, and I used to give shelter to the animals; I've put several bales of straw and wooden staves to sleep, and feeders, drinkers and nests. All day are free, swarming in the sun or fog, what you play, and eggs are the best in the world."
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